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What We Do

We influence, create, and champion Tipton County's business community.


The Tipton County Chamber takes on complex municipal, state, and national issues that impact the business community. We advocate on your behalf so you can focus on your business and the communities you live and work in.


We work to ensure every business can succeed in Tipton County. We work with businesses to amplify their voice on local policies, ordinances, and zoning.


We support and advocate for policies that offer our businesses assurances and that support growth, stability, and position Indiana as a desirable destination.


We continue our advocacy at the national level also. Advocating for solutions that improve an employer's ability to attract talent and encourage growth and success.

Connecting Business Leaders

We Create Connections

It only makes sense, with so many business leaders in our membership, that we should help each of you connect to build your networks. We know these types of connections are the foundation for growing your businesses and look for ways to make this happen!

Resources and Inspiration

We are here to help you

We know starting and managing a business requires you to wear a lot of hats. This is why we actively seek resources to help you become more proficient and efficient. Additionally, we seek industry experts to help you continuously improve your business with the help of local experts and their services.

Saving you money

Access to resources to help your bottom line

We pursue tools and resources to help you save money, therefore improving your bottom line. The Tipton County Chamber of Commerce is also committed to hosting events and programs that are focused on saving you money on your everyday business costs.

Creating Community

Being an entrepreneur is tough, but we want to help

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely endeavor. Often times you feel as though your challenges and obstacles are unique to you and your business. We work hard to build a sense of community amongst our members to provide help. Some have been in your shoes before, and we want to help connect you.

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