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The Tipton County Chamber takes on the complex initiatives in an effort to continually improve the business climate in Tipton County.

What we set out to accomplish


We work to ensure every business can succeed in Tipton County. We work with businesses to amplify their voice on local policies, ordinances, and zoning.


We support and advocate for policies that offer our businesses assurances and that support growth, stability, and position Indiana as a desirable destination.


We continue our advocacy at the national level also. Advocating for solutions that improve an employer's ability to attract talent and encourage growth and success.

Our Priorities

The success strategy for Tipton County is focusing on building a vibrant community and then in-turn building vibrant businesses. We believe our priorities not only help to build a strong community, but will also enable businesses to start, scale, and compete to improve their opportunities for success.

U.S. 31 Corridor

We promote increased access to U.S. 31 in Tipton County to promote a safer and more vibrant community. 

Workforce Retention & Attraction

As many communities in the United States, Tipton County needs to increase its efforts to attract talent for our employers. We seek to find solutions to make the attraction of talent more successful.

Early Childhood Care

COVID-19 highlighted the fragility of our local childcare support systems. We aim to offer clarity to what resources exist and how a family may seek additional information.

Strategic Planning

Tipton County is constantly seeking success, but our community has yet to define what success looks like. We promote the idea that in an effort to be successful we must first identify what success looks like locally.

COVID-19 Recovery

The impacts of COVID-19 have been profound and we are seeking solutions to support our local employers as their businesses pivot. 

Broadband in Tipton County

The implementation and reliance on internet-connected devices and resources will only continue to grow as these smart devices continue to find business uses. If our communities hope to remain relevant, we will need to support our business community with the resources they need.

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