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Dan Young Tipton LLC

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Year Founded - 1993

We are an automobile dealership, selling and servicing vehicles for our customers. We offer New Chevrolet, Buick and GMC cars, trucks and suv's as well as certified pre-owned vehicles

What makes your organization stand out?

We are a loyal and family driven business that excels in community involvement and maintaining a high level of customer service excellence

Describe an exciting recent highlight for your organization

We are consistently evolving with the digital world to make it easy to do business with us either online or in person!

How has your organization changed in the last 12 months, and what do you see for the future?

As stated previously, the digital world that we live in makes it very important for us to maintain and improve our digital presence to provide an easier and simplified process for our customers. This includes scheduling service online and even buying a vehicle online!

What advice would you offer to someone looking for the type of services your organization provides?

Patience. Everything seems quite a bit different these days. It has become very challenging to get the products in a timely manner from a production and logistical standpoint.

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