Jennifer Humrichous

Tipton School Board - City of Tipton

Preferred Contact Information

Years as Tipton County Resident?

17 Years

Education Background

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Clarks Summit University

Community Involvement

  • I am a member of Rock Prairie Church
  • I have been a parent volunteer at Tipton Community Schools serving with TESO, the Superintendent Advisory Committee, athletic booster clubs, and tutoring.

Leadership Experience

  • 20 years of being a mom to 6 children
  • 11 years as CFO with Heritage Custom Painting
  • 10 years as a teacher in the community.

1. ​ What is your number one reason for wanting to serve on the school board?

I chose to run for school board because I want to be able to be a voice for the children in our community, the families they represent, our teachers and administration,  and our community. 

2. What role does policy play/have in the function of the board? 

To be successful, a school must have a united purpose and practical goals to give direction to leadership and those responsible in helping achieve those purposes and goals.  Policies play an important role in determining the boundaries and the freedoms that will achieve success.  It is important for a school board to enforce and vote based on policy to have an objective standard when making decisions. 

​3. What do you think is the biggest issue facing your district? 

Our current culture in our world is quickly changing with the concern surrounding politics, the pandemic and social unrest.  It affects our school as they make decisions for safety and student activities. Those decisions affect our enrollment numbers and budget.  As a district, we are facing a need to maintain our current amount of students and develop strategies for new student enrollment. 

4. If you were elected what one thing would you like to accomplish during your term?

If I was elected, I would like to work alongside our superintendent and administration to continue and grow the academic reputation of Tipton Community Schools.  I would like to help strengthen our learning processes by supporting teachers and classroom needs.  I would want every student to find opportunities  within our school to grow individually and be prepared to graduate to their next stage of life.   

5. What legislative action at the state level would you support to improve education in our community. 

I support legislative action to give our local schools more independence when it comes to measuring student growth and teacher success.  The current model of testing and performance is crippling to our children and inaccurate when measuring the progress in our classrooms.