Desira LeCounte

Tri-Central School Board - Liberty Township

Preferred Contact Information

Years as Tipton County Resident?

55 Years

Education Background

  • Master of Science in Education from  Indiana University 
  • Bachelor of Science in Education from Indiana University
  • High school graduate of Tri-Central Community Schools

Community Involvement

  • Most of my community involvement has been associated with Tri-Central schools.   
  • I have helped with community activities,  assisted in fundraisers,  served on multiple committees, and helped with various other school related events. 
  • I have shown my support for student athletics by attending countless sporting events and participating in parent groups.

Leadership Experience

I have served on and led multiple committees during my 39 years of teaching.  Some such committees included textbook adoption, curriculum alignment, teachers' negotiations, representation of teachers, grant writing, PTO, and numerous others.  

1. ​ What is your number one reason for wanting to serve on the school board?

Tri-Central has been a huge part of my life for over 50 years.  My son, Matthew Bozell, and I both graduated from T.C. making our school and community very important to me. I wish to support and assist my community during my retirement by serving on the  school board.

2. What role does policy play/have in the function of the board? 

School Boards set visions and goals which direct policy.  Teachers, administration, students, parents, and the community must have a voice in forming policies.  Once policy is put into place the board's role is to monitor how the policies work, how they might need to be adjusted,  how to help make improvements,  and to provide support. 

​3. What do you think is the biggest issue facing your district? 

I believe school budget is a very big issue facing our school district.  School choice  has placed schools in competition with one another for students and state funds.  I have spent a great deal of time studying school budgets and believe my knowledge  will be a great asset to our school.

4. If you were elected what one thing would you like to accomplish during your term?

My hope is to preserve and improve the quality of Tri-Central by being a voice for parents, teachers, students, and community members.  I believe communication is an essential component of a successful school.  As a board member, I will be accessible and open to comments and ideas.  

5. What legislative action at the state level would you support to improve education in our community. 

I would support legislative actions at the state level that improve and enhance Tri-Central.  Through communicating with state officials, I would share concerns and seek information that could benefit our school and students.  In the past, I have attended gatherings between elected officials and educators to discuss pressing issues facing schools, particularly small schools such as ours.