Christopher Michael Kelley

Tri-Central School Board - Prairie Township

Preferred Contact Information

Years as Tipton County Resident?


Education Background

1986 Graduate, Tri-Central High School

1990 Graduate, Purdue University, BS School of Agriculture

Community Involvement

Past member,  Tipton County 4H Council

Past member, Tipton County Fair Board

Past member, CW Mount Board

Current, Member and Deacon at Liberty Baptist Church

Current, Member of Tri-Central School Board

Leadership Experience

My leadership experience is 20-plus years working with numerous community members on the above mentioned boards and organizations to improve the opportunities of our community and its future. 

1. ​ What is your number one reason for wanting to serve on the school board?

I want to continue to serve on the Tri-Central School Board because I want to help both students and staff of our amazing school pursue the best education that our community can offer. 

2. What role does policy play/have in the function of the board? 

Policy is the primary function of the school board. Establishing the policies sets the baseline for our rules, roles, codes and overall financial stability of the school corporation. 

​3. What do you think is the biggest issue facing your district? 

The biggest issue facing our school district is continuing to provide award winning educational experiences to our students while facing reduced funding from the state. Attracting new students,  while retaining our in-district students, is a huge task. The stagnant to slowly increasing population of families with school aged children in the county makes it difficult to budget from year to year. 

4. If you were elected what one thing would you like to accomplish during your term?

Continuing to assist the corporation in increasing our student body population. 

5. What legislative action at the state level would you support to improve education in our community. 

I would support SB 2, which would hold harmless both schools and teachers for students I-Learn scores.