Aaron Conaway

Tipton School Board - Cicero Township

Preferred Contact Information

Years as Tipton County Resident?

40 Years

Education Background

  • Tipton High School 1998
  • Purdue University Bachelors Degree Aeronautical Technology 2002 

Community Involvement

  • TCSC FFA Advisory Board member
  • TCSC Greenhouse Committee member
  • Coach and volunteer of various youth sports programs 
  • Former TCSC Middle School basketball coach
  • Spear-head several issues within Tipton Community involving INDOT, State Representative, State Senator, and Local Officials
  • Participate in several annual community fundraisers 

Leadership Experience

  • President & Co Owner of Total Seed Production for 14 Years
  • President of Indiana Crop Improvement Association 2013
  • Executive Committee Member Indiana Crop Improvement Association 5 Years
  • Board Member Indiana Crop Improvement Association 5 Years
  • American Seed Trade Association Committee member 2 years
  • Independent Professional Seed Association Committee member 3 years

1. ​ What is your number one reason for wanting to serve on the school board?

I decided to run for the TCSC School Board because my passion and drive for Tipton’s success is unrivaled and I know the heart and soul of our community starts with our school system. I’m an advocate for our students, teachers, and staff to ensure that we not only remain competitive but become one of the best school systems in Indiana. 

2. What role does policy play/have in the function of the board? 

The purpose of policies are to give guidance, direction, focus, and goals for everyone on the TCSC team (teachers, students, administrations, ect.) TCSC already has a fantastic team that executes the daily, weekly, and monthly objectives. I am excited to be part of that team and be able to use my proven leadership skill to help put us on a growth minded track. 

​3. What do you think is the biggest issue facing your district? 

Biggest issue we are facing is decreasing numbers in student enrollment

4. If you were elected what one thing would you like to accomplish during your term?

If elected I will not focus on just 1 thing, but I will be focused on many items at all times. Below are my top 5 goals (in no particular order)

  1. Create and execute a growth-minded strategic plan 
  2. Reinvest in all extra-curricular activities- Band, Clubs, Sports
  3. Implement a marketing strategy that consistently communicates and promotes the accomplishments and direction of TCSC
  4. Actively support teachers and staff to maximize their passion and success
  5. Discover more unique opportunities for students both in and out of the classroom

5. What legislative action at the state level would you support to improve education in our community. 

I will actively participate and be a strong voice in all current and future issues at the state level to improve our education position. State legislation will be a great tool to use to help meet the goals listed above. As also mentioned above, I already have a strong working relationship with our Indiana elected officials and I am looking forward to working with them on all of our educational projects.